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Access Protocol Unveils NFT Tool 'Sketch', Boosting ACS Despite Industry Slump

Access Protocol unveils Sketch on Solana, offering a revamped NFT minting experience amid market declines. ACS token witnesses a promising surge.

Sketch by Access Protocol

In a twist of events amid a declining NFT market, Access Protocol (ACS) has unveiled Sketch - its cutting-edge NFT tool. Positioned on the Solana (SOL) web3 platform, Sketch promises NFT aficionados an efficient discovery and no-code minting journey.

Unlock the Power of Sketch:

Access Protocol affirms Sketch's potency in offering creators the technological vanguard for their NFT collections. Beyond mere creation, the tool extends capabilities such as:

  • Minting digital assets at competitive prices.
  • Concurrent minting of multiple NFTs.

Even as Sketch operates in its beta phase, Access Protocol has spotlighted the surging interest from nascent creators. Keen to hop on this NFT train? Access Protocol welcomes creators to enlist for product testing.

What makes Sketch stand out? The platform heralds it as a tool that democratizes the "power of compression" in the NFT world.

NFT Market Cooling Down:

Interestingly, Sketch's debut comes at a time of receding NFT interest. Recent data from CryptoSlam underscores a noticeable dip in both the floor price and sales volume of many NFT collections over the past month. Furthermore, an observation by CryptoSlate Insight speaks of a transformative NFT landscape. The Ethereum network has clocked a drop in gas consumption by key marketplaces, reverting to stats reminiscent of June 2021.

A Leap for ACS:

Aligning with Sketch's launch, the ACS token price shot up by an impressive 15%, hitting peaks of $0.00239 before settling at $0.00228 (at the time of reporting). This leap isn't solitary - Access Foundation's choice to incinerate a substantial 13.8% (equating to 13.8 billion ACS) of the total token supply adds to the narrative. The burn was justified by the Foundation, pointing to the protocol's natural growth and the redundancy of additional ACS incentives. However, CoinMarketCap's metrics indicate a circulating supply of 25 billion tokens.