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ZTX Set to Launch 3D Virtual World on Arbitrum Blockchain

Discover a whole new universe as ZTX crafts a 3D virtual world on the Arbitrum blockchain. Experience gaming, socializing, and a digital economy like never before.

ZTX Revolutionizes Gaming with Virtual World on Arbitrum.

Step into the future with ZTX as it crafts an immersive 3D virtual world on the Arbitrum blockchain. Think of it as a new-age metaverse, teeming with life and endless opportunities, where users can socialize, play games, and even create and trade digital assets.

ZTX (ZepetoX), the brainchild of Jump Crypto and Zepeto, is already a big name in Asia, boasting over 400 million lifetime users. With this new project, it looks to cement its place in the global digital arena. The virtual world it's building isn't just a game - it's an entire universe ready to be explored and decorated, with dedicated districts for fashion, finance, arts, and games.

Each player will start with a free plot of land and a base home, stepping into the world as a ZTX avatar. The fun begins when you start planting resources, crafting items, and decorating your home to reflect your unique style. Plus, the joy of owning a District Home includes exclusive access to district governance.

The ZTX universe promises to evolve over time, with additional gameplay features planned for future updates. Keen to be part of this thrilling journey? Keep an eye on ZTX Twitter and ZTX Discord for updates on how to join the test environment.

ZTX is all about collaboration and scaling. It's partnered with Arbitrum, Ethereum's Layer 2 scaling solution, to enhance and integrate the ZTX universe using Arbitrum's tech stack. As ZTX CEO Chris Jang put it, "Universal accessibility is critical to us, and we offer virtual land for free. We are excited about what the weeks and months ahead will mean for our teams, users, and partners.”

After the initial playtest, ZTX will host its Genesis Home Mint, launching a limited edition of 4,000 unique 3D District Homes. These homes serve as economic engines in the ZTX universe, offering exclusive access to future events and games, and unlocking new possibilities for gameplay.

In the words of successful artist ThankYouX, “The Genesis Home Mint is a unique example of how digital collectibles can be innovatively tied to exclusivity, access and economic opportunities... I’m excited about seeing the revolution unfold in real time."

So, are you ready to be part of this digital revolution? Join the ZTX universe and discover an exciting new way to game, socialize, and trade in the virtual realm.