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ZTX Delves into Developing a 3D Virtual World on the Arbitrum Blockchain.

ZTX Ventures is teaming up with Arbitrum to create an immersive 3D virtual world, focusing on gaming, social interactions, and digital assets. The collaboration aims to set a new standard in blockchain metaverse experiences.

ZTX Ventures Takes a Giant Leap into the Blockchain Metaverse with Arbitrum

ZTX Ventures, a significant player in the crypto and fintech sectors, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Arbitrum to create a novel 3D virtual world. This ambitious venture aims to revolutionize the digital realm by offering an integrated environment of gaming, social engagement, and digital asset transactions.

Building a Multichain Metaverse

Saurabh Sharma, the Head of Investments at Jump Crypto, outlined the strategic reasons for the partnership. Both companies aim to develop a multichain metaverse, which is anticipated to bring new functionalities and capabilities, with a focus on an innovative concept called the "unique new mint."

Universal Accessibility and Customization

Chris, the CEO of ZTX, stressed the importance of universal accessibility, pledging to offer virtual land at no cost to users. This initiative aligns with Arbitrum's mission of providing advanced templates for 3D avatars, making the platform highly customizable and user-centric.

Empowering Creators and Unlocking Value

Steven Goldfeder, CEO of Off Chain Labs behind Arbitrum, spoke highly of ZTX's vision. He noted that Arbitrum's technology is ideal for this type of project, offering high-performance capabilities that empower creators and provide value to users.

Introducing Genesis Home Mint

A cornerstone of this venture is the Genesis Home Mint concept, which aims to introduce around 4,000 unique 3D homes. Owners of these homes will gain various privileges like governance rights and exclusive access to games, events, and airdrops.

Artist’s Perspective

Virtual artist Thank You X praised the Genesis Home Mint concept, describing it as a perfect blend of digital collectibles and exclusivity. He expressed excitement about ZTX's vision meeting the rapidly changing demands of the digital world.


The partnership between ZTX and Arbitrum promises to reshape the metaverse landscape by offering a comprehensive and immersive environment. As this venture unfolds, it will be closely watched for its potential to bring transformative changes to the blockchain ecosystem.