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ZetaChain Enhances Security with Chainalysis and Halborn Amid Rising DeFi Hacks

ZetaChain forges partnerships with Chainalysis and Halborn to bolster platform security in the face of increasing DeFi cyber attacks. A blend of preventative measures and rapid response solutions aim to safeguard user assets and trust.

ZetaChain Partners with Chainalysis and Halborn for Security

With decentralized finance (DeFi) attacks on the rise, ZetaChain has teamed up with cybersecurity giants Chainalysis and Halborn to ensure robust, multi-layered security measures.

2022 marked a significant year in crypto crime, with $3.8 billion in stolen assets, 82.1% of which came from DeFi platforms. The situation has made cybersecurity a paramount concern for blockchain companies like ZetaChain.

Chainalysis, renowned for its Crypto Incident Response service, provides ZetaChain with rapid response solutions for cyber attacks involving cryptocurrency theft or unauthorized network activities. With a proven track record, Chainalysis has helped recover over $11 billion in stolen funds since its founding.️

Halborn specializes in preventative security, including risk assessments, smart contract evaluations, pen testing, and more. Their multi-phased approach allows ZetaChain to fortify its security from all angles.

By combining the incident response expertise of Chainalysis and the preventative measures from Halborn, ZetaChain creates a well-rounded security framework that can adapt to evolving threats.

ZetaChain's collaboration with Chainalysis and Halborn sets a new standard for DeFi security, combining rapid response and preventative measures to safeguard both assets and user trust in a volatile landscape. The partnership reflects ZetaChain's commitment to pioneering a secure and resilient decentralized ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates as ZetaChain continues to innovate in blockchain security.