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WorldVest Introduces TroyMoney: A New Asset-Backed Digital Currency Using BSV Blockchain

WorldVest unveils TroyMoney, a new digital investment currency backed by vaulted Gold and other precious metals, leveraging tokenized smart contract protocol on the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) Blockchain.

WorldVest, a dynamic and forward-thinking global investment group, is set to launch TroyMoney, an innovative initiative to tokenize vaulted Gold and other Precious Metals on the blockchain. The goal is to establish a series of Precious Metals Backed Digital Investment Currencies that are part of the future of money.

Using blockchain technology, TroyMoney aims to reintroduce Gold and Precious Metals as a private, new "Metals as Money" monetary system, separate from government control and offering instant liquidity back to any global Fiat currency. It enables vaulted precious metals, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium, to be easily divisible, fungible, portable, and a direct payment method for goods and services.

WorldVest Chairman, Garrett K. Krause, expressed the magnitude of this opportunity and emphasized the potential for TroyMoney on the BSV Blockchain, which allows for stable, scalable, secure, safe, and instant economic transactions.

With the help of Tokenized, led by James Belding, TroyMoney plans to lead the development of a new global "Metals as Money" initiative. Tokenized offers a comprehensive tokenization solution, enabling various entities to issue, manage, and trade digital assets. Its flagship product, a Smart Contracting Platform, focuses on delivering a suite of tools to stakeholders during the contract lifecycle.

The partnership between TroyMoney and Tokenized aims to deliver unique and compelling financial products that will push the industry boundaries. As WorldVest aims to finance high-growth global transactions, TroyMoney brings an innovative aspect of digitizing assets to the table, potentially changing the landscape of digital finance.