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UNCX Network Boosts Decentralization with The Graph Integration

UNCX Network is taking decentralization to the next level through its integration with The Graph Network. The partnership focuses on enhancing data layers using subgraphs and has earned UNCX a grant in GRT tokens.

UNCX Network Amplifies Decentralization with The Graph Integration

UNCX Network, an organization deeply rooted in the ethos of decentralization, has announced its strategic collaboration with The Graph Network. The initiative aims to refine the data layer of the UNCX ecosystem using subgraphs, a move that has earned UNCX Network a grant in GRT tokens.

The Graph serves as a decentralized network that offers open APIs to index and organize data in the decentralized ecosystem. It stands as an essential tool for making decentralized data easily accessible.

In the context of The Graph, a subgraph acts as a custom search engine for blockchain data. It allows developers to specify the exact data they need, the way to collect it, and how it should be displayed.

While the integration with subgraphs internally improves the UNCX Network, it also offers an avenue for external developers to easily integrate and display data from the UNCX ecosystem. The goal is to increase data accessibility and boost transparency.

UNCX Network plans to allocate the GRT token grant towards enhancing their subgraph curation. Curators, equipped with a deep understanding of the Web3 space, will be responsible for recommending subgraphs for indexing by The Graph Network.

An open call has been made for community members to partake in the subgraph curation process using GRT tokens. Participants will earn a fraction of the query fees generated by the subgraph they curate.

UNCX Network aims to launch at least 16 subgraphs to support various foundational services, including Version 3 Liquidity Lockers, Version 2 Liquidity Lockers, and various types of smart contracts. These will be deployed across different blockchain layers, such as ETH Mainnet, BNB Chain, Arbitrum One, and Polygon.

For more details on subgraph curation, consult The Graph’s official curation documentation.

UNCX Network's partnership with The Graph promises to be a significant step forward in the drive toward a more decentralized, transparent, and efficient blockchain ecosystem.