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Turingum Joins Forces with MarketAcross to Boost Web3 Uptake

MarketAcross partners with Turingum, facilitating global Web3 projects' entry into Japan and promoting Japanese projects globally.

MarketAcross and Turingum Collaborate for Web3's Global Expansion

World-renowned blockchain PR firm, MarketAcross, proudly announces its collaboration with Turingum, a Japanese Web3 powerhouse known for its business consulting, tokenomics design, and DeFi initiatives. This strategic alliance paves the way for international Web3 projects to tap into the Japanese market and likewise, assists Japanese projects in globalizing their reach.

This partnership promises mutual growth for both parties. Turingum gains an avenue to collaborate with global firms, enriching the prospects for crypto projects targeting the Japanese market. Conversely, MarketAcross extends its PR and marketing reach for Japanese initiatives and cements its position in the Asian continent.

Pooling their expertise, the duo aims to equip businesses with insights and tools essential for navigating their Web3 strategies, especially while venturing into unfamiliar markets. Turingum's stellar record in advising Japanese companies on Web3 matters, particularly token-based projects, remains its standout trait.

This union offers Turingum's clientele access to MarketAcross' renowned PR and marketing prowess, a team credited for the growth of blockchain titans such as Binance, Polkadot, and Solana, among others. Japanese projects venturing internationally can avail themselves of MarketAcross' myriad of services, ranging from PR and SEO to influencer outreach and community growth.

MarketAcross' deep-rooted connections in the Japanese Web3 domain are evident in its close collaboration with Japan's top public blockchain, the Astar Network. Furthermore, its role as the official media ally for Japan’s premier Web3 events, WebX and IVS Crypto, earlier this year, showcases its dedication to the Japanese Web3 landscape.

Japan's burgeoning potential in the global Web3 scene cannot be understated. While countries like the US grapple with regulatory ambiguities, Japan has seamlessly integrated Web3 into its national blueprint. This strategy not only fosters blockchain adoption but also underscores investor safety. Japan's commitment was evident when Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, at the WebX conference, spotlighted Web3's pivotal role in the nation's digital trajectory.

  • A Japanese Web3 tech trailblazer, Turingum excels in tokenomics design, DeFi, and smart contract creation. Its extensive services encompass Web3 business advice, blockchain system development, and token issuance from both technological and monetary standpoints.
  • As the global leader in blockchain PR and marketing, MarketAcross offers holistic marketing solutions for global blockchain entities. Its illustrious clientele features the likes of Polkadot, Binance, and eToro.

In summary, the synergy between MarketAcross and Turingum sets the stage for a dynamic shift in the Web3 sector, promising a robust integration of global projects within Japan and vice versa.