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TRON Network's Committee Approves Proposal 89: TVM Gains PUSH0 Instruction

TRON Network's Committee Proposal 89 gets the green light, introducing the PUSH0 instruction for TRON virtual machine (TVM) compatibility. This development aims to maintain TVM and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, while offering significant economic and technical benefits.

TRON's Proposal 89 Gets Approval, Adds PUSH0 to TVM

TRON Network, a decentralized infrastructure platform, has recently announced that its Committee Proposal 89 has been officially approved. The proposal's approval, which was shared on Twitter on August 4, brings with it modifications to the chain parameter 76 and the activation of the PUSH0 instruction in the TRON virtual machine (TVM).

The newly approved proposal will see the implementation of the PUSH0 instruction in the TVM, as described in a Medium post by TRON. The PUSH0 (0x5f) instruction signifies the pushing of a continuous value of 0 onto the TVM-based stack, a notion that stems from EIP-3855.

Earlier in the year, on April 12, TRON activated the Shanghai Upgrade of Ethereum on its mainnet, which also accounted for EIP-3855. The objective of Proposal 89 is to maintain compatibility between the TVM and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), providing similar benefits to TRON's users and developers. Furthermore, the proposal seeks to offer economic and technical benefits through the implementation of the PUSH0 instruction.

According to TRON, the PUSH0 instruction facilitates technical compatibility between the TVM and EVM. A key advantage of this implementation is the reduction of contract size. Additionally, the introduction of this instruction minimizes the risk of contract abuse via various instructions. As TRON notes, the process of altering or repricing these instructions can be fraught with potential hazards.