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TRON Network Launches Great Voyage Periander v4.72, Enhancing User Experience

TRON Network has officially released its Great Voyage v4.72 Periander product, featuring several crucial upgrades for Stake 2.0 and improved EIP-3855 compatibility.


The TRON Network, a blockchain forum primarily hosting entertainment-related applications, has officially unveiled its Great Voyage v4.72 Periander product. This development aims to provide a state-of-the-art mechanism for Stake 2.0 along with unmatched compatibility with EIP-3855. The upgrade also features an enhanced peer-to-peer network component and optimized smart contract interfaces.

The new product, Stake 2.0, has seen numerous critical enhancements, resulting in greater user-friendliness in line with recent governance proposals. According to TRON, these changes offer improved access to smart contracts and additional benefits to both developers and end-users. Key features include improved network performance and a streamlined development workflow due to the optimized smart contract interfaces. A unique peer-to-peer module also contributes to these improvements.

The latest release from TRON Network is considered a mandatory upgrade, offering numerous crucial updates and optimizations, including a couple of governance proposals for Stake 2.0 enhancement. These improvements significantly increase the flexibility of TRON's staking mechanism. In addition, the new version introduces a governance proposal for the implementation of the EIP-3855 Instruction, ensuring TRON's compatibility with Ethereum and reducing the cost of using smart contracts on TRON.