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TRON MainNet Unleashes Powerful Upgrades: Driving Justin Sun's Vision of Ecosystem Expansion

TRON MainNet announces its Great Voyage—v4.7.2 (Periander) upgrade, marking a significant stride towards realizing Justin Sun’s vision of a robust ecosystem.

TRON, a renowned blockchain platform, has unveiled Great Voyage—v4.7.2 (Periander), a significant upgrade to its MainNet. This update introduces new governance proposals and critical updates, enhancing the system’s overall functionality and promoting broader adoption within the TRON ecosystem.

Justin Sun, TRON's founder and member of the Huobi Global Advisory Board, stressed the firm's steadfast commitment to promoting the growth of the TRON ecosystem. With this upgrade, TRON aims to attract more developers, capital, and users to incubate quality projects and maximize public value.

In the latest upgrade, TRON MainNet introduces improvements in four areas: an advanced Stake 2.0 mechanism, seamless compatibility with EIP-3855, streamlined smart contract interface calling, and a revamped P2P network module.

By achieving compatibility with Ethereum's EIP-3855, TRON aims to foster inclusivity within its network and reduce costs associated with deploying and using smart contracts on the TRON network. This new governance proposal hopefully will draw more developers to TRON, fostering enhanced interoperability between TRON and Ethereum ecosystems.

TRON has also optimized two interfaces for calling smart contracts, providing developers with estimated transaction fees for deploying their contracts. This optimization fosters the creation of more high-quality DApps and stimulates the growth of a thriving TRON ecosystem.

The TRON MainNet Periander has undergone a comprehensive transformation of its P2P network module, introducing key functionalities to enhance the stability, reliability, and transmission efficiency of the TRON network. These enhancements empower developers and users to explore new possibilities within the TRON ecosystem.

The upgrade of TRON MainNet represents a crucial step in Justin Sun's unwavering commitment to investing in the ecosystem. With over 169 million users worldwide, TRON has processed more than 6 billion transactions and boasts a TVL (Total Value Locked) higher than $12.5 billion, second only to Ethereum.

Moving forward, TRON remains dedicated to enhancing the on-chain experience for its developers and users. It will also strive for greater integration with other blockchain ecosystems to boost global industry-wide prosperity.