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TOKO's Global Blockchain Solutions Accessible to PwC Hong Kong Clients

Digital asset platform TOKO, in partnership with DLA Piper, signs an agreement with PwC Hong Kong, expanding global access to its blockchain solutions.

TOKO & PwC Hong Kong: Partnership for Global Blockchain Solutions

Digital asset creation platform TOKO, a collaborative creation with global law firm DLA Piper, has signed a partnership agreement with PwC Hong Kong. This agreement allows TOKO to offer its blockchain solutions to PwC's global clients, aiding asset owners, issuers, and investors to solve real-world issues and promote financial inclusion.

TOKO's solutions stem from the creation of data-rich tokens aligned with a wide variety of underlying assets like real estate, funds, shares, IP rights, and digital art. The platform can deploy virtual assets on various public blockchains, preserving privacy and confidentiality by limiting information accessibility to permissioned users.

This partnership will involve TOKO and PwC working on projects promoting the development of the virtual asset ecosystem, including a use case leveraging TOKO’s tokenization platform. It aims to open up opportunities in securities markets for both issuers and investors.

With this business relationship agreement, PwC Hong Kong can now offer enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency to its global client base, helping them overcome the barriers of asset illiquidity.

Peter Brewin, a partner at PwC Hong Kong, highlighted the benefits of the partnership, emphasizing the value clients would find in TOKO's ability to customize token attributes and data sets to suit different asset classes, and to mint tokens on a variety of public blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Hedera, and Algorand.

TOKO's commitment to enhancing the world through advanced technology, regulatory compliance, and a user-centric approach is exemplified in this agreement. Scott Thiel, CEO and founder of TOKO, shared his excitement about the collaboration, reaffirming the company's belief in improving the world through technology within a tight regulatory framework.