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Telos and Elixir Games Unite for an Enduring Blockchain Alliance

Telos joins forces with Elixir Games, marking a breakthrough in blockchain gaming. Dive into how this partnership reshapes the gaming landscape.

Telos and Elixir Games: A Pioneering Partnership in Blockchain Gaming

Ever dreamt of a world where blockchain and gaming mesh seamlessly? Telos Foundation and Elixir Games are making that dream a reality. In an electrifying new partnership, Telos will mesh into the Elixir Games Launcher, taking a giant leap in blockchain gaming. Plus, gear up for the Elixir Rewards Program where gamers can snatch up a cool million in $TLOS by diving into fun challenges.

Kiraverse by ParamLabs, LandBox by PWNED Studio, and yes, you heard it right, Tarzan™ by XLABEL! These are the debut titles hitting the Telos blockchain via the Elixir platform. And for those with a soft spot for NFTs, Elixir is your go-to place for in-app purchases and secondary sales on Altura.

Clocking in at 15,200 transactions per second and crafting blocks in a blazing 0.5 seconds, Telos isn’t just any blockchain—it’s the Formula 1 of blockchains. With its unmatched speed and a rock-solid history, it’s the perfect match for Elixir’s forward-thinking vision.

Justin Giudici of Telos can barely contain his excitement, saying, “Pairing with Elixir Games is a gamer's dream come true. Their robust ecosystem paired with our cutting-edge tech is going to change the gaming world!”

Having already won accolades and a financial nod from Square Enix, Elixir Games isn’t here to play; they’re here to lead. Catering to both Web2 and Web3 developers, Elixir has set the gold standard in gaming.

Carlos Roldan of Elixir Games shares the sentiment, “Teaming up with Telos isn’t just about merging technologies; it’s about giving players unparalleled gaming experiences and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible."