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Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 Returns in December to Scale New Heights in Blockchain Innovation

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 returns, focusing on blockchain/AI advancements, anticipating 5,000 attendees from around the world. Collaborations, workshops, and discussions promise to elevate blockchain innovations

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023

Following its groundbreaking debut, the Taipei Blockchain Week (TBW) is back, ready to once again captivate the global blockchain community. This influential event, co-hosted by Bu Zhi DAO and TABEI and supported by giants like Avalanche and Google Cloud, reconfirms Taiwan's stature in the global blockchain dialogue.

From December 11-16, the heart of Taiwan, Song Shan Cultural Park and Taipei New Horizon, will pulsate with blockchain/AI innovations. The week promises six days of riveting interactions, captivating more than 5,000 global attendees. TBW 2023, themed "Scale," pledges to delve deeper into blockchain's limitless horizons.

TBW’s journey commences with an inaugural tour of Taipei titled 'Funding The Commons', a collaboration between da0 and TABEI. This prelude is geared towards converging various web communities, academia, and philanthropy to tackle public goods' challenges. Following this, the scene is set for a three-day Hackathon, a haven for over 500 developers eager to harness blockchain's potential.

Midweek sees the "Scale" Conference unveil, showcasing a convergence of blockchain pioneers, tech visionaries, and industry elites. And as the week culminates, the spotlight shifts to the Sora Summit, emphasizing a melding of Eastern and Western blockchain insights.

TBW 2023 is not merely an event; it's a movement. Tiffany Lai, the director of TBW, envisions Taiwan as the linchpin in the global blockchain tapestry, and this event as the stepping stone towards that goal.

As the world converges in Taiwan this December, be a part of a transformative chapter in blockchain's narrative.

About Taipei Blockchain Week: An esteemed gathering in Taiwan, TBW focuses on blockchain scalability and global collaboration.

About Sora Ventures: A renowned venture capital firm based in Taipei, investing in blockchain and digital assets.

About Funding the Commons: An initiative by Protocol Labs, aiming to create sustainable funding models for public goods in open-source networks. Collaborating with da0 for their debut in December.