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Supra Unveils HyperNova: A Revolutionary Bridgeless Tech for Secure and Scalable Cross-Chain Communication

Supra announces HyperNova, a revolutionary bridgeless tech that improves cross-chain communication. This is a key step in solving the Oracle Dilemma and enhancing Web3 security.

Blockchain organization Supra, specializing in Oracle and Verifiable Random Function (VRF) services, has announced HyperNova, a groundbreaking bridgeless technology that enhances cross-chain communication via L1 consensus algorithms. The new tech aims to eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with centralized bridges in Web3 infrastructure.

HyperNova is a bridgeless technology that uses Supra’s low-latency consensus algorithm, known as Moonshot Consensus. This algorithm helps understand the underlying cryptographic signatures of both source and destination chains, allowing secure and scalable cross-chain communication.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: By eliminating centralized bridges, HyperNova reduces the risk of a single point of failure and ensures L1 to L1 security guarantees.
  • Scalability: Supra's high-throughput IntraLayer can handle multiple cross-chain communication requests, making it more scalable than traditional centralized bridges.
  • Versatility: The technology enables new multi-chain use cases that were previously not feasible.

Use Cases:

  1. Cross-chain DeFi: Enables asset transfer and interaction with DeFi applications across different blockchains.
  2. Cross-chain Gaming: Players can transfer in-game assets or NFTs between various blockchain-based games.
  3. Cross-chain Oracles: Provides secure and reliable data feeds across different DeFi ecosystems.

Supra is focused on building a low-latency interoperability infrastructure. With HyperNova, the organization is tackling the Oracle Dilemma and optimizing network performance across various parameters like security, throughput, and time to finality. An academic approach to development and a commitment to transparency and rigorous peer-review characterize Supra's ethos.

"We are solving the Oracle Dilemma and optimizing network performance," said Joshua Tobkin, CEO of Supra. "HyperNova is a major breakthrough for the blockchain industry."

Dr. Aniket Kate and the team are actively working on new whitepapers, and many innovative solutions are in the pipeline.