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SuiPad Announces the Launch of Releap Protocol: A Revolutionary Web3 Social Graph on the Sui Blockchain

SuiPad, the premier launchpad for tier 1 projects on the Sui network, introduces the revolutionary Releap Protocol. This new offering aims to disrupt social networking and content ownership on Web3.

SuiPad Unveils Releap Protocol on Sui Blockchain

SuiPad, a leading launchpad for top-tier projects on the Sui network, is thrilled to unveil the Releap Protocol on August 7. This trailblazing protocol on the Sui Blockchain is set to revolutionize creators' ownership of their community relationships by establishing a fully composable, decentralized social network.

The Releap Protocol is designed to create a fully composable social graph, empowering true content ownership and fostering a thriving decentralized social network for creators and users alike.

The Releap App, a state-of-the-art social networking platform, prioritizes content quality and creator ownership. Collaborations with leading creators are in progress to diversify the platform's content. At the same time, incentives are being formulated to stimulate community-generated content and reward outstanding contributions.

The Releap Protocol is a groundbreaking solution for Web3 projects and users. It aims to transform social networking and content ownership in the decentralized space. By leveraging strategic partnerships and integrating with the Sui ecosystem, the Releap Protocol offers a platform for Web3 projects to build applications, store data on-chain, and receive rewards.

Releap Protocol stands out from centralized Web2 platforms and other social graph protocols through its unique features, such as elimination of corporate control, direct content monetization, content ownership through Profile NFTs, sponsored transactions, and decentralized content metadata.

The protocol's roadmap includes its launch on the Sui Mainnet, introduction of community curation, the launch of the Releap DAO, development of sponsored transactions using $REAP, mobile integration and feature expansion, and expansion to other chains.

As the official launchpad partner of the Sui network, SuiPad is committed to supporting and promoting groundbreaking projects like the Releap Protocol. By providing a safe and reliable investment environment, SuiPad ensures the protection of participant's capital.

To be a part of the Web3 revolution and stay updated on the latest developments, join the SuiPad and Releap Protocol communities.