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SubQuery Launches Cosmos Data Indexing with Juno Integration

SubQuery has announced its latest multi-chain connectivity update, introducing support for the Cosmos ecosystem through Juno integration. Developers can now leverage the robust, flexible indexing solution already used across Polkadot and Avalanche ecosystems.

SubQuery, a leading provider of decentralized data indexing infrastructure, has announced its latest update for multi-chain connectivity by extending support for the Cosmos ecosystem, beginning with an integration with Juno.

This integration means that Juno and other CosmWasm developers will now have access to the beta version of SubQuery's swift, adaptable, and open indexing solution that is already in wide use across the Polkadot and Avalanche ecosystems. The package includes an open-source SDK, tools, documentation, developer support, and other perks provided by the SubQuery ecosystem, including the eligibility to participate in SubQuery’s Grants Programme.

SubQuery’s managed service, which hosts enterprise-level infrastructure and processes over 400 million requests daily, also accommodates Juno. Built on Cosmos, Juno facilitates blockchain interoperability in an ever-growing multi-chain environment. It serves as a decentralized, public, and permissionless layer 1 for cross-chain smart contracts, aiming to establish itself as the internet of blockchains, setting the inter-chain security benchmark for network participants.

Jake Hartnell, the founder of another emerging Cosmos chain, Stargaze, and a key contributor to Juno, shared his enthusiasm about SubQuery's expansion to Juno, highlighting the shared mission of providing new teams with a conducive environment for unhindered scaling.

SubQuery offers an open data indexer that is both flexible and fast, assisting developers in building APIs swiftly and indexing chains with the help of dictionaries (pre-computed indices). The indexing tool eradicates the need for custom data processing servers, allowing developers to focus more on product development and user experience.

SubQuery's Cosmos implementation begins with Juno, but the product will eventually support any CosmWasm-based chain, including Cronos, OKExChain, Osmosis, Secret Network, Stargaze, and Injective, further expanding SubQuery's multi-chain footprint.

CEO of SubQuery, Sam Zou, expressed his excitement about the recent development and looks forward to witnessing how teams in the Juno ecosystem leverage SubQuery's cutting-edge indexing technology to build swift and feature-packed decentralized applications (dApps).