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SubQuery Bolsters Blockchain Ambiance with Indexing of Optimism’s Goerli Testnet

SubQuery's latest indexing support for Optimism’s Goerli Testnet promises to reshape Ethereum Layer 2 app development, ushering in a new era of decentralized solutions.

SubQuery & Optimism: Revolutionizing Ethereum Layer 2 Development

The blockchain space witnesses yet another significant leap as SubQuery introduces indexing support for Optimism’s Goerli Testnet. This development not only accelerates the capabilities of Ethereum Layer 2 app developers but also reaffirms SubQuery's commitment to delivering decentralized data indexing solutions for the broader blockchain landscape.

Optimism, renowned for its visionary Layer 2 scaling solution, has a singular mission: to amplify Ethereum's scalability while trimming transaction expenses. SubQuery's integration with Optimism’s Goerli Testnet now brings a smorgasbord of opportunities for both testers and production developers.

SubQuery's offering is distinct—a customizable, decentralized platform where blockchain developers can deftly manage and decode blockchain data specific to their applications. By equipping developers with a tailored API and an abstracted backend, SubQuery ensures they can keep their primary focus on product enhancement and user interface, eliminating the rigors of building intricate indexing systems.

For those acquainted with The Graph, a transition to SubQuery promises swifter and more efficient indexing. The process is further streamlined with detailed instructional courses, ensuring a migration experience ranging between an hour to just a few.

Optimism, with its "Optimistic Rollups" technique, emerges as a beacon for enhancing Ethereum transaction efficacy, ushering in a transformative era.

SubQuery, on the other hand, positions itself as a dynamic blockchain data indexer. It's a game-changer, providing robust, adaptable, and decentralized APIs tailor-made for Web3 applications. Given its compatibility with diverse ecosystems, including Optimism, SubQuery hands developers a treasure trove of indexed data, empowering them to craft decentralized apps that resonate with users. As part of its future roadmap, the SubQuery Network aspires to unveil a decentralized iteration of its formidable indexing tech, reinforcing its supremacy in blockchain data indexing.

In aligning with the industry's tilt towards scalability and decentralization, this strategic partnership promises to catalyze growth within the blockchain ecosystem. As SubQuery continues its innovative journey, the blockchain community waits with bated breath for what's next in the realm of decentralized tech.