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SubQuery Amplifies Blockchain Ecosystem with Arbitrum's Goerli Testnet Integration

SubQuery now integrates with Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet, marking a landmark for blockchain development. Dive into how this alliance fosters innovation in decentralized apps.

SubQuery and Arbitrum: Powering Blockchain's Next Frontier

SubQuery's recent integration with Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet heralds a new age in blockchain infrastructure. As a creation of Offchain Labs, Arbitrum stands out as an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, with Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova being its key constituents, each designed for specific applications.

Touted for its prowess in revolutionizing transactions, Arbitrum One harnesses Ethereum's high-end security protocols, ensuring quick and cost-effective transaction processing. Thanks to its optimistic rollup approach, it merges rapid transaction speed with a fortified security blueprint.

Especially favored by gaming, metaverse, and social finance platforms, Arbitrum One ensures fast, affordable, and trustworthy transaction verification.

SubQuery emerges as a decentralized, custom data indexing solution, crafted to aid blockchain developers in efficiently managing and querying on-chain data tailored for their endeavors. Its proprietary API and an optimized backend architecture enable developers to concentrate on product innovation and user interaction, rather than diving deep into the intricacies of indexing solutions.

Transitioning from The Graph to SubQuery? The pathway is seamless, enhancing indexing capabilities for existing users. Comprehensive guidelines ensure the conversion from a SubGraph initiative to a SubQuery project is smooth. The duration of this migration varies, contingent upon the project's intricacy.

This union holds monumental significance for blockchain enthusiasts. By incorporating Arbitrum along with other Layer-1 networks, SubQuery is poised to redefine data indexing standards, fueling the holistic growth of the blockchain milieu.

With its embrace of Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet, SubQuery's pledge to offer a complete suite of blockchain tools and services is evident. Such a commitment augments blockchain progression, equipping developers with an arsenal to conceptualize revolutionary decentralized applications.

SubQuery's endorsement of Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet is a monumental stride in blockchain innovation. This collaboration underscores an unwavering commitment to propel the blockchain realm forward, priming developers with the tools and skills to ideate and realize avant-garde decentralized mechanisms.