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Solana: Shaping Up to Be the 'Apple of Crypto'

Solana's co-founder, Raj Gokal, views the blockchain platform as the potential "Apple of crypto," highlighting its focus on user experience and performance.

Solana: Shaping Up to Be the 'Apple of Crypto'

As crypto continues to surge into the mainstream, some players are forging their own unique path without relying on partnerships with well-known brands. Solana, a leading layer-1 blockchain platform that sprung into action in 2020, is a prime example of this self-driven ethos.

Solana's potential stretches far and wide, not unlike a certain tech giant, according to co-founder Raj Gokal. Speaking to TechCrunch+, Gokal unveiled his vision of Solana becoming the "Apple of crypto." He drew a parallel with Apple's relentless commitment to user experience and performance, traits that Solana is striving to embody in the crypto space.

Gokal's comments reflect a belief that Solana's platform, just like Apple's touchscreen technology, can pave the way for a magical user experience. The journey to crafting a groundbreaking ecosystem—akin to the iPhone and App Store—begins with an unwavering focus on simplicity and perfection.

This mindset is ingrained in Solana's core engineering and ecosystem. Their goal is to build a new financial internet that mirrors the familiarity of the traditional web while introducing revolutionary features.

To further highlight its ambition to rival Apple, Solana has unveiled its own web3-focused Android smartphone, Saga, launched in April. This venture aims to offer users easier access to crypto services and applications through a smartphone interface, diverging from the usual practice of accessing crypto platforms via computers.

Solana's recipe for maintaining its competitive edge encompasses various factors. "The core thesis is going to be [focused on] new businesses, new projects, independent developers," said Gokal. He highlights the optimism in Solana's community about the disruptive potential of even the smallest groups of developers.

While big brand alliances may add some shine, it's the self-determined, innovation-focused ventures like Solana that are redefining the landscape of the crypto industry.