Skip to content World's First Blockchain-Based Hotel Booking Platform Set for Launch, the world’s first native Web3 hotel booking platform, is set to revolutionize the travel industry by integrating blockchain technology, AI-driven personalization, and seamless cryptocurrency transactions., the world's first native Web3 hotel booking platform, is gearing up for a remarkable launch this summer. Set to redefine the hospitality industry, the platform integrates blockchain technology, AI-driven personalization, and seamless cryptocurrency transactions, offering a groundbreaking hotel booking experience., spearheaded by travel tech entrepreneur Michael Ros, is founded on next-gen Camino Network technology. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional hospitality and the fast-growing web3 world, making it the first genuine blockchain-based OTA (Online Travel Agency).

The platform allows users to log in with their crypto wallets, receive offers as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and make payments with their preferred crypto assets. "Imagine a world where your crypto wallet is your passport to a multitude of personalized hotel offers, sent to you as NFTs—that’s the vision we’re bringing to life with Sleap," shares Michael Ros.

Sleap’s smart contracts remove the need for traditional hotel agreements, making the platform highly flexible and efficient. It accepts crypto payments, operates on the L1 Camino Network, collaborates with global partners that offer over 150k properties, and uses Discord as its main communication channel, streamlining operations through AI and search bots.

With its cutting-edge integration of blockchain technology, Sleap offers many advantages, such as reduced transaction fees, fraud protection, and tailor-made offers.

Sleap's advanced AI search tools and algorithms analyze users' preferences and travel patterns, delivering bespoke hotel booking suggestions that cater to individual tastes. This level of personalization not only improves user experience but also sets a new standard for customer service in the travel industry.

According to market data, the hotel booking market is forecasted to reach $10.27 billion this year and a staggering $48.27 billion by 2030. Sleap stands to capitalize on this market growth, particularly as it targets millennials and Generation Z, who made up 94% of all crypto buyers in 2021.