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Phantom Galaxies Leverages Chainlink VRF for Fair Planet Generation

Phantom Galaxies integrates Chainlink VRF on its Polygon mainnet for more transparent and secure Planet Generation.

Chainlink VRF Boosts Fair Planet Generation in Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies, the rapid mech shooter ARPG, has announced its integration with Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) on its Polygon mainnet. The move is designed to boost its Planet Generation project. By leveraging Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network, Phantom Galaxies aims to create a transparent, auditable, and tamper-proof system to generate random traits for planets.

Phantom's strategic integration of Chainlink VRF allows users to experience a more transparent Planet Generation system. The integration also aligns with the agenda of verifiable assurances, offering users the ability to individually audit the RNG (Random Number Generator) process. However, it's vital to remember that RNG requires smart contracts to confirm security levels, preventing manipulation and safeguarding system integrity.

After thorough research, Phantom Galaxies opted to incorporate Chainlink VRF due to its unique features, including a robust, time-tested oracle network, cryptographic proofs via an on-chain verification process, cutting-edge research technology, and system integrity ensured through random number verification for smart contracts.

In terms of operational collaboration, Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function will use block data not yet known when the request is made, combined with the Oracle node's committed private key, to generate a random number and cryptographic proof. Phantom Galaxies will use the RNG output that includes valid cryptographic proof, created through a tamper-proof Verified Random Function. Phantom Galaxies assures users that, thanks to the verifiable, automated, and robust nature of their Planet trait generation, the process is fair and unbiased.