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PairedWorld Foundation Launches Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem to Promote Real-Life Connections

PairedWorld Foundation unveils its blockchain-powered ecosystem, encouraging and rewarding real-world social connections through NFTs and partnerships with founding communities across various sectors.

PairedWorld Blockchain Ecosystem Illustration

PairedWorld Foundation, a trailblazing initiative dedicated to leveraging emerging technology to foster and recognize real-world social connections, has introduced its blockchain-powered ecosystem. This innovative ecosystem features a unique four-token structure and a core mobile application. To initiate this venture, PairedWorld has incorporated approximately 80,000 NFTs from existing communities and collections and formed partnerships with nine founding communities spanning various sectors, including Web3, art, music, media, and events. These communities include Accelerate Art, Agoria, ModaDAO, Non Fungible Conference, Party Degens, Satoshi Island, Superchief Gallery, Synthopia, and WINK (Women I Need To Know).

The PairedWorld mobile app, currently accessible on iOS, serves as a platform for users to connect with one another through a diverse range of real-life gatherings, organized and initiated by community members. These gatherings encompass intimate meet-ups and structured events, affording users the opportunity to establish and nurture authentic social connections. Furthermore, users are rewarded for their active participation and contributions to the ecosystem, enhancing their reputation within the community.

One of the inaugural gatherings accessible to PairedWorld users is a side event during Korea Blockchain Week, co-hosted by PairedWorld and Superchief, scheduled for September 7 at Sky Kingdom in Seoul. On the same day, PairedWorld will unite communities globally through gatherings at Web3 galleries, creating a unique collective experience with livestreams from Korea, live discussions with experts on the significance of social connections, and the chance to meet fellow community members in person. Event locations include NOX Gallery in Tokyo, IHAM Gallery in Paris, Unpaired Gallery in Zug, Switzerland, and Superchief Galleries in Los Angeles and New York City.

Individuals attending the global kickoff event who are not yet part of the PairedWorld ecosystem will have the opportunity to claim a Soulbound token, allowing them to start earning rewards through the app. Even those unable to attend the event can actively participate by organizing and hosting local gatherings or meet-ups, whether or not they are connected to the launch event.

Edward Zipco, Founder of Superchief, emphasized the importance of real-life interactions, stating that “meeting in real life is essential because IRL is where we fall in love – with ideas, experiences, and each other.” He highlighted the value of experiences beyond the confines of screens and the serendipitous encounters that real-life gatherings can offer.

PairedWorld’s ecosystem is a result of collaboration with experts in neuroscience, psychology, and blockchain, drawing insights from studies such as Harvard’s renowned “Study of Adult Development: Relationships, Resilience, and Happiness.” Research consistently demonstrates that nurturing strong relationships is a key factor in leading a happy and healthy life, and PairedWorld leverages this data in conjunction with blockchain technology to promote essential relationship building.

Prof. Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Director of the Social Neuroscience Lab at BYU and PairedWorld advisor, underscored the importance of in-person connections, especially in a world where digital interactions are becoming increasingly prevalent. She noted that connecting with others in real life is a powerful way to lead a happier, healthier, and longer life.

PairedWorld’s ecosystem, initially launched with nine founding partner communities, is now open to other communities seeking to join. The foundation’s objective is to incentivize the formation of new social relationships within and across communities by facilitating rewards for in-person gatherings. This incentive system is built upon a unique four-token design and is integrated into its native mobile app.

Raluca Cherciu, President of the Board at PairedWorld Foundation, emphasized the organization’s belief in the profound impact of social connections on happiness and well-being. She stated, “PairedWorld isn’t just a platform; it’s an embodiment of values. It signifies a departure from superficial encounters and a return to meaningful relationships.”

Operating across multiple blockchains, PairedWorld’s multi-community token ecosystem evaluates the connection and reputation of partner community members, allocating Soulbound tokens accordingly. These immutable identity and reputation tokens dictate the issuance of Ticket Tokens, which are used to create or attend in-person events. Participation in such events earns users $PAIRED tokens, which can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. This model not only provides financial incentives for creating in-person gatherings but also fosters genuine friendships and community engagement, laying the foundation for long-term involvement.

In a world where digital interactions often take precedence, PairedWorld Foundation is pioneering an approach that leverages blockchain technology to facilitate and incentivize real-world connections, emphasizing the significance of genuine social interactions in fostering happiness and well-being.