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Orbs Network Elevates DEX Experience with New dLIMIT Solution

Orbs Network launches dLIMIT, a solution to optimize limit order execution on DEXs, promoting an improved, user-centric trading experience.

Orbs Network launches dLIMIT, an innovative solution to improve limit order execution on DEXs.

In a significant development, the Orbs Network has successfully rolled out dLIMIT, a decentralized platform that optimizes limit order execution on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) with competitive fees. This platform stands on the strong foundations of the Orbs blockchain and exploits the blockchain's innovative Layer 3 infrastructure to elevate the DEX trading experience.

Further sweetening the deal, dLIMIT will provide a user-centric interface and hassle-free integration, encouraging a smooth, intuitive and enriching trading experience, noted Ran Hammer, Vice President of Business Development for Orbs.

“The Orbs dLIMIT smart contract grants DEX users an unparalleled capacity to perform limit orders at ideal prices with equitable fees,” added Hammer.

Established in 2017, Orbs Network has consistently introduced ground-breaking solutions to provide users with an accessible, public, and decentralized framework to shape their apps. Orbs' novel Layer 3 infrastructure, residing between the existing layer-1 and layer-2 solutions and the application layer, brings a distinct decentralized execution layer. dLIMIT joins this innovative lineup, accompanying the recently launched dTWAP solution, already enjoying substantial integration and trading volume on various DEXs.

Orbs’ Layer 3 infrastructure runs on its blockchain – a public and decentralized framework managed by permissionless validators (Guardians) employing Proof-of-Stake consensus. dLIMIT utilizes this Layer 3 infrastructure and the dTWAP solution to refine limit orders on DEXs. In particular, the Orbs Guardians implement an ORBS-Lambda based function that acts as the solitary honest bidder, or “taker”, needed for optimal dLIMIT protocol performance.

“Powered by Orbs' robust network infrastructure and intelligent contract, dLIMIT delivers a top-tier limit order solution to DEXs that prioritizes decentralization, reliability, redundancy, and user security,” as stated in the press release. The product has already sparked significant interest among leading DEXs, with numerous integrations underway.

Guardians also supervise and authenticate the dLIMIT smart contract and match honest bids when an order is up for bids. Bids are coded to indicate a minimal gas fee and ideal trade path, ensuring that executed trades and the dLIMIT contract closely mirror spot market prices.

dLIMIT, Orbs’ latest addition, brings simplicity to DEX traders, enabling optimal and reliable execution of limit orders in a decentralized setting, alongside advanced DeFi tools such as dTWAP.