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OKX Ventures Announces Strategic Partnership with Web3 Operating Protocol dappOS

OKX Ventures, a leading crypto platform's investment arm, collaborates with dappOS, an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures. This partnership aims to enhance user interactions with Web3 dApps across various chains.

OKX Ventures and dappOS Join Forces for Crypto Infrastructure

OKX, a top-ranking Web3 technology company, announced on July 28, 2023, that OKX Ventures, its investment division, has entered into a strategic partnership with dappOS. dappOS is an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users and works to make decentralized applications (dApps) as user-friendly as mobile apps.

dappOS is the first Web3 operating protocol that leverages account abstraction and executive network technology. Its design enables seamless and intuitive interactions with Web3 dApps across multiple chains. Through a unified account feature, dappOS delivers a centralized finance (CeFi) like user experience while maintaining total decentralization.

Founder of OKX Ventures, Dora Yue, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting how dappOS's solution allows users to manage multi-chain assets using their native chain accounts. It also aids dApp projects to reach users across various chains quickly and conveniently. Yue emphasized that with dappOS, Web3 users can look forward to consolidating their assets in one unified account and using a single signature to streamline their engagement with Web3.

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of OKX, is committed to exploring top-notch blockchain projects globally and supporting blockchain technology innovation. It contributes to the healthy growth of the global blockchain industry and invests in long-term structural value. The firm is keen on aiding entrepreneurs contributing to blockchain industry development, offering global resources and historical experience to blockchain projects.

OKX, a company at the forefront of the Web3 future, offers an extensive product suite catering to both beginners and experts. This includes the OKX Wallet, NFT Marketplace, and DEX. Its partnerships extend to world-renowned brands and athletes such as Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1, The Tribeca Festival, Scotty James, and Daniel Ricciardo. Advocating for a paradigm shift led by Web3 self-managed technology, OKX recently launched a global brand campaign, "The System Needs a Rewrite," aiming to replace existing centralized systems.