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Oasys Partners with GMO Media to Launch a Fresh Verse on the Oasys Platform

Oasys partners with GMO Media to unveil the innovative 'GESOTEN Verse' within the Oasys ecosystem. Three exciting game titles set to release in December 2023.

Oasys and GMO Media Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming with 'GESOTEN Verse' Collaboration

In an electrifying revelation, Oasys, a gaming-centric blockchain platform, is joining forces with GMO Media, an offspring of Japan's internet colossus, GMO Internet Group. Their mission? To birth the "GESOTEN Verse" within the Oasys universe. And come December 2023, gamers can expect a triple treat with the release of three spellbinding titles.

A familiar face in the crypto world since 2014, GMO Media is not just any ordinary player. Their portfolio boasts innovations using smart contracts, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) assistance, and a myriad of crypto-centric solutions. The forthcoming "GESOTEN Verse" is their magnum opus. It promises an immersive experience, letting "GESOTEN by GMO" gamers effortlessly plunge into the world of blockchain games.

The well-established "GESOTEN by GMO" is taking giant strides. Collaborations with e-commerce platforms and point services are already in its arsenal. The stage is now being set for a realm where gaming not only means fun but also cryptocurrency earnings and reward points. Here's a sneak peek into the trio of titles gearing up for release:

  1. A stunningly lifelike horse racing experience where players nurture, race, and trade blockchain-integrated racehorses. Victory leads to in-game riches!
  2. A nostalgic nod to GeGeGe no Kitaro, this delightful game has players bonding with Yokai to fend off evil spirits. A collaboration with "GESOTEN by GMO" infuses Play-to-Earn elements, making gameplay even more rewarding.
  3. A trailblazer in the gaming world, YOLO FOX leverages AI for co-creation. This AI-powered universe invites players to co-create and share in the game's profits.

The Tokyo Game Show 2023 is the hotspot for gaming aficionados, with an exclusive preview of "GESOTEN by GMO". The Tokyo event promises mini-games, OAS token earnings, and exclusive collectibles.

As a gaming and community nexus, "Gesoten by GMO" lets users indulge in multifaceted online games, replete with a built-in community interaction feature. Plus, the seamless integration with other GMO Media ventures makes gaming more rewarding.

Meanwhile, Oasys is changing the game. Their ethos "Blockchain for Games" underscores their commitment to the gaming sphere, backed by a formidable network including bigwigs like Bandai Namco Research. Their commitment to an eco-friendly Proof of Stake consensus mechanism ensures fee-free, fast transactions for gamers.

With the imminent launch of the "GESOTEN Verse" and its incredible game titles, this Oasys-GMO Media alliance is ready to redefine blockchain gaming, presenting unparalleled gaming experiences and lucrative rewards.