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Oasis Network Pioneers in Web3 Privacy with Sapphire and Oasis Privacy Layer Launch

Oasis Network ushers in a new era of Web3 privacy with the launch of Sapphire and Oasis Privacy Layer. The groundbreaking technologies redefine confidentiality, cross-chain messaging, and authentication.

Web3 Privacy Reimagined by Oasis Network Launch

The introduction of two groundbreaking technologies, Sapphire and Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), is set to dramatically alter the way Web3 developers integrate crucial features like privacy, authentication, and cross-chain messaging. Both technologies, launched today, mark significant steps forward in the creation of a comprehensive toolkit for developers.

Since 2018, the Oasis Network has been at the forefront of offering novel solutions to dApp developers who require cross-chain messaging, user confidentiality, and easy-to-use smart contract tools. As the world’s leading privacy-first blockchain, Oasis continues to pioneer a highly flexible and confidential Web3 experience for developers working with Ethereum-based protocols and dApps.

Jernej Kos, Director of the Oasis Foundation, explained the impact of these new tools: “With Sapphire and the Oasis Privacy Layer, we are introducing Smart Privacy to the universal dApp developer toolkit. Privacy should be flexible, versatile, and compatible with any Web3 ecosystem infrastructure.”

Sapphire, an innovative independent blockchain, provides the first confidential EVM runtime that can be utilized by developers creating smart contracts for dApps on any EVM network. This allows developers to define user consent mechanisms, craft custom data confidentiality features, and simplify the creation of secret smart contracts more efficiently than on other Web3 networks. Sapphire's compatibility with all EVM-compatible Web3 tools greatly enhances the developer experience.

The Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), a universally accessible middleware, allows both Web2 and Web3 applications to leverage Sapphire's power. With OPL, developers on EVM networks can seamlessly integrate Sapphire's features, including encrypted transaction states, confidential cross-chain messaging, and permissioned user data, into their dApps without the need to fully migrate to the Oasis Network. In essence, OPL offers private computation as a service, providing Web3 developers with smarter tools and simpler interfaces.

Oasis has a strong commitment to supporting developers who use their tools. At ETHCC 2023 in Paris, the Oasis Rendezvous is an open-invitation event for all Solidity developers to learn about the upcoming Privacy4Web3 hackathon hosted by Oasis. This eight-week event is dedicated to exploring the transformative customizability of Sapphire-powered privacy tools.

Wanli Zhou, Head of Ecosystem at Celer Network, expressed excitement about the opportunities Oasis offers: “By integrating Celer IM on Oasis Sapphire, it gives builders access to multifaceted smart privacy tools. This empowers developers to create more sophisticated DApps, unleashing the power of Oasis confidentiality with Celer IM. We look forward to seeing the unique and novel use cases built using Oasis and Celer.”

Jernej Kos further highlighted the impact of the Oasis team: “Oasis pushes Web3 to rethink its approach to dApp development with a focus on simplicity and smart privacy. Oasis is blazing a smarter privacy trail that every Web3 ecosystem can benefit from.”