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NTT DATA Set to Launch Horizen EON Blockchain Certificate Signer Node

Leading IT service provider, NTT DATA, bolsters the Horizen EON blockchain with a Certificate Signer Node, marking a key step in decentralized transaction validation.

NTT DATA Joins Horizen EON: Deployment of Certificate Signer Node Strengthens Blockchain Network

In a recent development, the Horizen team unveiled on Thursday, September 28th, that NTT DATA, a global IT services giant, is fortifying the Horizen EON blockchain with the deployment of a Certificate Signer Node. This move, carried out on the NTT DATA infrastructure, promises to reinforce the security, trustworthiness, and resilience of the Horizen EON network.

Horizen EON stands as an EVM-compatible sidechain bolstered by Zendoo, a formidable ZK-enabled cross-chain protocol. The platform paves the way for developers to seamlessly craft dApps, granting them streamlined access to the expansive Horizen ecosystem.

Francisco Spadafora, the leader of Blockchain Competence Center EMEAL, remarked on the collaboration, saying:

"As NTT DATA, delving deep into public blockchains, orchestrating nodes, and validators synchronizes with our strategic intent. We are committed to nurturing public blockchain ecosystems, amplifying their growth, and leveraging our scalability competencies. This collaboration with Horizen is just the onset. We are poised to roll out more crypto-centric initiatives and offer blockchain-rooted solutions to our clientele."

With NTT DATA's strategic foray, the Horizen EON blockchain's node tally ascends to 47 certificate signer nodes. These integral nodes uphold the credibility of EON chain transactions and stand as pillars of decentralization. Furthermore, these nodes play a pivotal role in endorsing backward transfer solicitations, facilitating the seamless transfer of ZEN from the EON chain back to the Horizen mainchain.

NTT DATA, a global powerhouse in IT services and innovation, has its roots in Tokyo and boasts a presence in over 50 nations. On the other hand, Horizen emerges as a groundbreaking layer 0 public blockchain. Its architecture is buttressed by the zero-knowledge network of blockchains, driven by the vast node infrastructure and the highly scalable cross-chain conduit, Zendoo.

The collaboration between NTT DATA and Horizen underscores the evolving landscape of blockchain technology. As industry leaders like NTT DATA step in to strengthen decentralized networks, it sets the stage for a more secure and credible blockchain future.