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NEOBRED Joins Chainlink BUILD Program, Innovating the Blockchain Horse Racing Arena

NEOBRED races into Chainlink’s BUILD program, promising a unique NFT horse racing experience on the Avalanche blockchain. Explore this game-changing collaboration.

NEOBRED & Chainlink BUILD: Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming

In an era where blockchain gaming is rapidly gaining traction, NEOBRED's integration with Chainlink's BUILD program offers a fresh perspective on the blend of gaming and blockchain technology. Through this groundbreaking collaboration, NEOBRED and Chainlink are set to redefine the frontiers of gaming, bringing more immersive, transparent, and secure experiences to players.

  • Known for nurturing blockchain innovations, Chainlink BUILD equips NEOBRED with invaluable resources, mentorship, and grant initiatives. The aim? To craft a state-of-the-art blockchain horse racing experience.
  • NEOBRED’s participation in the BUILD program is underpinned by its commitment to Chainlink's Oracle infrastructure. This ensures heightened security, unmatched transparency, and unwavering trust within the gaming realm.
  • By immersing into the Chainlink ecosystem, NEOBRED is poised to foster collaborations with Chainlink's rich tapestry of partners, from GameFi projects to tech providers.
  • Yosuke Utsumi’s enthusiasm is palpable. The game developer from NEOBRED believes that Chainlink’s BUILD program will act as the north star, guiding NEOBRED in sculpting a revolutionary blockchain-based game.

NEOBRED now shares the stage with luminaries like, Blueberry, and more. This affiliation not only amplifies NEOBRED's credibility but also hints at the immense promise it holds in the blockchain gaming world.

Barcelona’s premier blockchain conference, SmartCon, will witness NEOBRED showcasing its innovations. This global platform is bound to amplify NEOBRED’s reach and establish its prowess in leveraging blockchain for gaming.

With its launch slated for Q4 2023, NEOBRED’s horse racing game is already generating ripples of excitement. Gamers and blockchain aficionados are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting a gameplay experience that’s set to redefine industry standards.

In conclusion, the symbiotic relationship between NEOBRED and Chainlink's BUILD program marks a new chapter in the annals of blockchain gaming. As the anticipation mounts, the gaming community looks forward to a paradigm shift, one where the thrill of gaming meets the transparency of blockchain.