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NEAR Protocol, the Blockchain Operating System, Announces Steady Progress

NEAR Protocol's latest Q2 report reveals its roadmap achievements and plans to outperform competitors like Ethereum. A deep dive into NEAR's strategy and future.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol, a blockchain-based decentralized application network, has been on the radar for its latest achievements and future plans. The blockchain platform aims to take on giants like Ethereum, offering competitive advantages such as lower transaction fees and a unique sharding feature

The NEAR Foundation, which launched NEAR Protocol in April 2020, recently released a report outlining the project’s roadmap and achievements for Q2, 2023. Key highlights include improvements in smart contract security and cost-efficient contract deployment. The platform has also improved its mainnet state syncing.

The Q3 focus will largely be on "phase 2 of sharding," which aims to make the platform even more robust. These steps are all aimed at attracting a larger developer community to the platform.

Despite the bearish crypto market trends, NEAR seems poised for a comeback. Currently trading at $1.14, with a market cap of approximately $1 billion, it appears to be a potential boon for long-term investors.

NEAR Protocol distinguishes itself with its sharding feature, a technique that enables higher scalability. This, along with low transaction fees and high transaction speed, positions it as a strong competitor to Ethereum. The platform is also noted for its environmentally-friendly operations.

If you're interested in investing in NEAR tokens, they're available on platforms like Binance, Bybit, OKX, and LBank.

With its strong focus on user and developer experience, cost-efficiency, and scalability, NEAR Protocol is swiftly emerging as a formidable player in the blockchain space. Its Q2 achievements and future roadmap indicate that it’s a platform to watch, especially for those interested in the next wave of blockchain innovations.

Whether NEAR Protocol can actually usurp Ethereum or other major players remains to be seen, but its trajectory suggests it's a contender worth keeping an eye on.