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Monad Announces Token Name in Latest Technical Release

Monad Labs debuts its high-throughput, EVM-compatible blockchain. With its pipelined architecture and native 'mon' token, it's set to redefine blockchain standards.

Unveiling Monad Labs' Fast, EVM-Compatible Proof-of-Stake Blockchain

In the high-octane race of blockchain innovation, Monad Labs throws down the gauntlet with its upcoming proof-of-stake blockchain, shedding light on its prowess through recent technical documents. The heart of this novel system beats with its native token, dubbed 'mon'.

What sets Monad apart is its camaraderie with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), flaunting an eye-popping 10,000 transactions per second and a brisk one-second block time. By tweaking Ethereum’s inner workings, Monad has broadened the throughput horizon. The documents underline, “Monad materially enhances the performance of an EVM-compatible blockchain network, driving a slew of innovations that could potentially steer Ethereum's course in the ensuing years.”

However, with great power comes great responsibility - or in this case, high throughput brings about challenges for node operators. The hardware requisites are hefty with a two-terabyte blockchain to manage, doubling that of Ethereum's main chain. A swifter internet connection, a high-speed computer, and ample RAM are part of the package deal.

At its core, Monad’s genius lies in its pipelined architecture. Breaking free from the conventional linear procession, it adopts a staggered modus operandi. A standout feature is the early determination of transaction order in blocks before their execution, ushering in a breezier time allocation for each phase. This structured choreography means each block attains finality promptly, a trait underscored in the documents, “Finality occurs at consensus time... with a fully deterministic outcome for any full node, executing transactions of the new block in under a second.”

The revealed documents nod to pipelining traits in non-EVM blockchains like Solana, Aptos, and Sui, but Monad brings these perks to the EVM table, making it a palatable choice for Ethereum aficionados. Its bytecode compatibility is a love letter to Ethereum developers, offering a smooth transition of decentralized applications to the Monad ecosystem.

Monad's architecture borrows cues from HotStuff and DiemBFT, of the now-defunct Diem project, showcasing a fusion of scalable blockchain technology. The 'mon' token isn't just a digital asset; it's the fuel driving transactions within blocks, covering the carriage and execution costs, embodying the essence of Monad's optimized blockchain vision.