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Klaytn Onboards Quantstamp as the Third IOK Partner, Aiming for Superior Blockchain Security.

Klaytn collaborates with blockchain security giant Quantstamp, reinforcing its ecosystem's safety. This partnership promises a future where Klaytn stands as the emblem of blockchain reliability.

Klaytn & Quantstamp: Charting a New Course in Blockchain Security

In a landmark move that promises to redefine blockchain safety standards, Klaytn Developers have officially announced a collaborative venture with Quantstamp. As a renowned figure in the domain of blockchain security hailing from San Francisco, Quantstamp's alignment with Klaytn's Layer 1 public blockchain is the latest addition to the Ignite on Klaytn (IOK) initiatives.

Klaytn Developers share the exciting news, highlighting the value they see in partnering with a firm of Quantstamp's stature. Established in 2017, Quantstamp has emerged as the vanguard of blockchain security, boasting financial endorsements from industry titans including SoftBank, Pantera, Tencent, and Y Combinator, collectively contributing to its impressive $125 million capital pool.

Helmed by an 87-strong team of experts, Quantstamp's security acumen is reflected in its remarkable achievement of 3,000 Google Scholar citations. With stewardship over digital assets valued above $200 billion and a commendable legacy of executing over 600 in-depth audits, Quantstamp's dedication to safeguarding the blockchain realm is unparalleled.

Among Quantstamp's pioneering offerings is the Flash Loan Detection tool, a dedicated solution designed to thwart flash loan attacks. Their diverse service suite caters to an extensive clientele, including enterprise ventures, budding blockchains, DeFi innovators, and NFT enthusiasts.

With this collaboration, Klaytn aims to leverage Quantstamp's unmatched audit proficiency, providing its ecosystem's projects with accessible, premium-grade security assessments. This union augments the safety quotient of dApps and other blockchain undertakings under Klaytn's banner.

Originating from the technological cradle of the Korean IT giant Kakao, Klaytn has been instrumental in mainstreaming blockchain since its 2019 debut. Known for its swift transactional capabilities, unwavering reliability, and a developer-centric environment, Klaytn's ledger boasts over a billion transactions facilitated through 300+ dApps. Its versatility is evident in its applications ranging from DeFi and entertainment to central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiatives, including endeavors by the Bank of Korea.

As Klaytn Developers aptly put it, "With Quantstamp on board, the Klaytn realm aspires to be the epitome of trustworthiness and inviolability. To all developers – let's craft and fortify!" This union signifies a bright horizon for both entities, jointly advancing the cause of a secure and robust blockchain milieu, thereby fostering its widespread acceptance across diverse sectors.