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Google Cloud Broadens BigQuery's Blockchain Data Collection

Google Cloud expands BigQuery's blockchain data range, including Polygon, Tron, and Arbitrum. This move signifies Google’s deepening commitment to the Web3 ecosystem

Google Cloud’s BigQuery platform now boasts data from 11 more blockchains, broadening its reach beyond renowned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic. This new data includes insights into Ordinals, a revolutionary technique for crafting NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

BigQuery, known for its data analytics prowess, has been a treasure trove of vast datasets since its inception. Google's partnership with cryptocurrency aficionados in 2018 paved the way for free access to Bitcoin blockchain data. This initiative expanded, and soon Google Cloud added data from six more blockchains.

James Tromans, Google Cloud’s Web3 maestro, underscores this expansion as a bridge for crypto novices to delve into the ecosystem.

Aligned with its vision for Web3, Google Cloud, in 2022, rolled out its digital assets and Web3 engineering squads. This move sprouted collaborations with crypto titans like Coinbase, BNB Chain, and Celo.

Adding another feather to its cap, Google Cloud unveiled the Blockchain Node Engine, a gateway for developers to effortlessly engage with blockchains within Google’s server network. April witnessed Google’s deepened bond with Web3, marked by its collaboration with Polygon Labs and the advent of the Web3 startup program aimed at wooing developers to Google Cloud.

Tromans perceives the addition of 11 blockchains to BigQuery as more than just an update; it’s a leap towards democratizing blockchain access. He articulated, “Developers familiar with GCP can now engage with this data seamlessly, sidestepping the complexities of managing blockchain nodes.”

This move resonates with Google Cloud’s ethos of making blockchain data more approachable, enticing more interactions with the Web3 realm. With the platform supporting a plethora of blockchains and NFT-centric data, developers are poised to gain richer insights into the dynamic universe of cryptocurrencies.

By weaving data from 11 more blockchains into BigQuery, Google Cloud is stamping its allegiance to Web3. With this user-centric approach to blockchain data, Google is erasing boundaries, connecting traditional developers to the crypto realm. This is not just an upgrade; it's Google Cloud's step forward in the Web3 marathon. The platform’s endeavors hint at its aspiration to be at the forefront of the decentralized applications and digital assets evolution.