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Google Cloud Becomes a Validator within the Polygon Ecosystem

Google Cloud takes a leap into the world of blockchain, joining the Polygon proof-of-stake network as a validator. This collaboration ushers in a new era for Ethereum's layer-2 network.

Google Cloud Emerges as a Validator on Polygon's PoS Network

In a thrilling announcement Polygon Labs revealed a heavyweight addition to its validator ranks: Google Cloud. This tech behemoth now stands among 100+ validators, fortifying transactions on Polygon's layer-2 Ethereum canvas.

Taking to X platform (our good ol' Twitter's successor), Polygon Labs stated, "Imagine the tech that powers @YouTube and @gmail now bolstering the swift, cost-effective, universal Ethereum solution - the Polygon protocol." Truly groundbreaking!

Validators are the pillars of the Polygon network. They ensure its fortress-like security by running nodes, staking their MATIC, and diving deep into the proof-of-stake consensus intricacies. Google Cloud's Singaporean avatar didn't shy away from the news, confirming their validator status on X. They elaborated on their key role in the network's combined security, governance, and decentralization pursuits.

While many validators prefer to remain behind the scenes, Google Cloud stands proudly with Germany's Deutsche Telekom, a telecom titan in Europe.

Diving deeper into this alliance, Google Cloud labels its bond with Polygon Labs as a "strategic, ever-evolving collaboration." To mark its entry as a validator, Google Cloud Asia Pacific dropped a captivating YouTube video, "Polygon Labs is solving for a Web3 future for all."

In related news, Polygon Labs recently unveiled the "Polygon 2.0" blueprint - a strategy to spruce up the Polygon network. Presently in "Phase 0", which Cointelegraph touched upon, there's a focus on three transformative Polygon Improvement Proposals, or PIPs 17-19. Notably, PIP 17 plans a transition from MATIC to a novel token, POL. Meanwhile, PIPs 18 and 19 explore avenues like POL's technical nitty-gritty and revamping gas tokens. Polygon aficionados, mark your calendars; these innovations are set to roll out in Q4 2023.