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Flare Network and FlareDashboard Join Forces for Enhanced Blockchain Transparency

Blockchain platform Flare partners with FlareDashboard to ensure data transparency for network participants. The collaboration aims to facilitate decision-making through better data accessibility.


Flare Network, a Layer 1 blockchain, announced a strategic partnership with the community-managed database platform, FlareDashboard. The collaboration will enhance transparency within the Flare ecosystem by collecting key information about the network's contributors who support its decentralized operations.

Initially, the focus will be on data providers for Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO), which supplies price feed data to the network. Over time, the partnership aims to include other network participants such as validators and State Connector attestation providers.

Flare is known for providing developers with access to diverse types of high-quality data in a decentralized manner. With FlareDashboard, it aims to connect infrastructure teams with ecosystem participants, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

FlareDashboard's initiative is designed to facilitate the exchange and validation of valuable information provided by the network’s infrastructure providers. The platform provides comprehensive information including team details, KYC compliance, operational history, data protection measures, technology configuration, and network addresses, promoting transparency within the ecosystem.

Both Flare Network and FlareDashboard strive to build robust blockchain-based decentralized infrastructures, with recent strategic partnerships like Ankr aimed at improving Flare’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) procedures for developers.