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Flare Debuts on Arkham's Intelligence: Opening Doors to Advanced Data Insights

Flare and Arkham team up to boost data-driven decisions in the crypto realm. The partnership offers advanced analytics, fostering blockchain transparency.

Flare Integrates with Arkham: A New Dawn for Blockchain Analytics

In a groundbreaking move, Flare, a blockchain platform celebrated for democratizing access to a broad spectrum of decentralized data, has seamlessly integrated with Arkham’s Intelligence Platform. This strategic alliance aims to furnish Flare's community with superior analytical tools, deep insights from the Arkham Oracle, and participation channels in various Flare-centric endeavors on the Arkham Intel Exchange.

Hugo Philion, Flare’s visionary Co-Founder and CEO, articulated his excitement about the merger, noting, “Flare’s essence lies in being the quintessential blockchain for data. It's imperative we arm our community with top-tier analytics tools, facilitating data-centric decisions. Arkham's potent yet intuitive platform aligns perfectly with our vision.”

Arkham's acclaimed Intelligence Platform, propelled by its groundbreaking AI engine, ULTRA, uniquely connects blockchain addresses to real-world identities. Such a pioneering methodology amplifies transparency in the crypto arena by presenting detailed analytics on the personalities and corporations orchestrating blockchain transactions.

Flare's amalgamation into Arkham's ecosystem grants its users a window into real-time activities of elite global traders and investors. This integration enables meticulous portfolio monitoring, market trend forecasting, fund flow tracking, exhaustive research, and reporting of suspicious financial maneuvers.

Arkham's stalwart leader, Miguel Morel, remarked on the merger, emphasizing, “Integrating support for a data-centric blockchain like Flare is exhilarating. Our relentless pursuit is to magnify transparency, and this partnership is another stride in that direction.”

The fusion of Flare and Arkham symbolizes a monumental progression in bolstering data-centric decision-making within the crypto universe. This partnership is poised to endow Flare enthusiasts with invaluable insights, reinforcing the potential of both platforms in catering to the industry's ever-evolving demands.

Recognized as the "blockchain's data powerhouse," Flare’s infrastructure blends decentralized oracles, setting it apart as the go-to platform for data acquisition. This structure grants developers unparalleled access to diverse data sources, catalyzing innovative use-case developments.

Founded by crypto maestro Miguel Morel in 2020, Arkham swiftly ascended the ranks in the crypto domain. Miguel's profound insights into cryptocurrency nuances equipped him to fathom the intelligence requisites of industry decision-makers. He also sports a commendable portfolio as an investor in tech startups.

Arkham boasts an illustrious roster of investors and allies, including crypto magnates like an unnamed OpenAI Co-Founder, Palantir’s Joe Lonsdale (8VC), Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Wintermute, GSR, and Geoff Lewis (Bedrock). Renowned alliances with entities like TradingView, Trust Wallet, BNB Chain, Tron, and Avalanche further elevate Arkham's stature in the blockchain and crypto realm.