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Exahertz: Oman's Leap into Becoming a Blockchain Powerhouse in the Middle East

Muscat-based Exahertz receives backing from top-tier investors and government approval, paving the way for Oman to rise as a leading blockchain hub in the Middle East.

Oman: The Rising Phoenix of Blockchain in the Middle East

Oman is no longer just a name associated with age-old traditions and beautiful landscapes. Today, thanks to Exahertz, a Muscat-based pioneer, it stands at the cusp of a blockchain revolution.

Backed by giants like Axeron Capital Holding Ltd, Moonwalk Systems FZCO, and Shumookh Investment and Services, Exahertz has successfully secured the Omani government's nod to embark on its ambitious blockchain data center project situated in Salalah. This isn't just a technological venture; it's a signal to the world - Oman is ready to rival its neighbors as a blockchain powerhouse in the Middle East.

Oman's Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Authority for Public Services Regulations, underscores the nation's commitment to this venture. Their vision is crystal clear - not only to uplift the nation's infrastructure but also to cultivate job opportunities across a myriad of sectors.

H.E Eng. Saeed Bin Hamoud Al Mawali, a pivotal figure in this transformation, emphasized the drive to harness digital technologies and position Oman at the heart of this dynamic landscape.

For Jad Fredrick Kharma, the mastermind behind Exahertz, the journey is about scripting the future. With blockchain computing at its core, Kharma envisions a world of Industry 4.0 and AI infrastructure, thrusting Oman into an unparalleled age of innovation.

Building on this momentum, Exahertz is meticulously crafting partnerships. Their union with Bitmain, a titan in the blockchain arena, accentuates their intent. It's not just about Bitcoin mining; it's about etching Oman's name on the global blockchain map.

Even amidst the unpredictable currents of Bitcoin prices, Exahertz, with its partner Moonwalk Systems, celebrates the inception of their test facility in SFZ. This is not merely a testament to their prowess but also a stepping stone to their ambitious goal set for 2024.

What's intriguing is the focus on sustainability. With Tabreed-Oman at the helm of cooling solutions, energy efficiency is not an afterthought but a mission.

Moonwalk Systems' CEO, Sam Ferdows, embodies the vision of excellence. His pride in the rapid development of their pilot project, 'Area 51', speaks volumes about what's on the horizon.

Dr. Ali Tabook, a staunch supporter from Salalah Free Zone, identifies the dual role of Salalah - a touristic wonder and a budding technological nucleus.

The strides taken by Exahertz are not isolated endeavors. They are a synthesis of ambition, collaboration, and national pride. As Oman embraces the blockchain universe, the nation stands tall, heralding its intent to be the Middle East's shining star in the blockchain cosmos.