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Empowering Decentralization: Base’s Journey with the Superchain

Base, an Ethereum L2 initiative, is partnering with the Optimism Collective to push the boundaries of decentralized onchain economies. Their ultimate goal is a harmonious network of rollups and L2s, scaling Ethereum in a new entity called the Superchain.

Base and the Optimism Collective: Unveiling a Revolutionary Superchain for Decentralization

Base, nurtured within the Coinbase environment, has become a forerunner in the quest for a decentralized future. In collaboration with the Optimism Collective, the venture aims to bring Ethereum to new scaling heights through an innovative concept known as the Superchain.

The Pillars of the Superchain Vision

Two foundational beliefs drive Base and the Optimism Collective:

  1. Public Goods for a Universal Economy: Base's open-source nature invites developers to contribute to and enrich the OP Stack.
  2. Scaling Ethereum through Superchain: This entails an interconnected network of rollups and L2s to deliver a unified, cost-effective user experience.

Amplifying Decentralization Through Collaboration

Base and the Optimism Collective are working to advance decentralization technologies, improve scalability, enhance client diversity, and bolster security and reliability. Their collaboration aims to shift from a centralized Stage 0 to a decentralized Stage 2, adhering to the “Law of Chains” to eliminate single points of control.

An Ecosystem-Centric Approach

Base’s philosophy is rooted in contributing to the public good. A part of its sequencer revenue is directed towards the broader onchain community, signifying its commitment to an open-source and decentralized financial landscape.

Governance and Revenue Sharing

Transparent governance is paramount to Base’s operational model. By sharing a part of their revenue with the community, they not only support the ecosystem but also help sustain its growth.

Future Challenges and Opportunities

While Base’s Superchain vision promises to revolutionize the decentralized landscape, challenges like scalability and security still loom. However, these challenges also offer opportunities for further innovations and collaborations, bringing the Superchain dream closer to reality.

Open Invitation to the Community

Base’s journey isn't just a venture of a few; it's an open invitation to all developers, users, and visionaries. As Base and the Optimism Collective strive toward their Superchain dream, they look forward to bringing more people into this transformative movement.


The vision of a Superchain goes beyond just technology; it represents a societal shift towards decentralization and global economic freedom. Base, in collaboration with the Optimism Collective, is making strides in turning this vision into a reality. With their collective efforts, a decentralized future seems not just plausible but imminent.