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DLN Collaborates with Solfare to Improve MetaMask's Integration with Solana.

Solfare partners with DLN, bridging Solana with MetaMask for seamless cross-chain transactions. Experience the future of intuitive and rapid DeFi interactions.

MetaMask Embraces Solana Through Solfare-DLN Alliance

In a groundbreaking alliance, Solfare, known for its allegiance to Solana, and DLN’s innovative cross-chain platform join forces. Their goal? To redefine cross-chain exchanges between Solana and MetaMask, streamlining user interactions.

MetaMask’s vast community, now more empowered than ever, can effortlessly interact with SOL, SPL tokens, NFTs, and the myriad of dApps on Solana's platform through their familiar MetaMask portal.

DLN's pioneering liquidity system, when harmonized with deBridge’s adept messaging, transforms the landscape of cross-chain exchanges. This amalgamation ensures users a hassle-free experience, devoid of the challenges synonymous with traditional bridge systems.

Solfare’s Co-founder, Vidor Gencel, expressed:

"Choosing deBridge was no accident. It’s synonymous with speedy, user-friendly bridging. While bridges can be daunting, deBridge converts each operation into an effortless swap.”

DLN's avant-garde off-chain order book and its alignment with private market maker liquidity brings forth a suite of benefits, which include:

  • Speedy transaction completions
  • Protection from MEV & AMM slippage with guaranteed rates
  • Amplified capital efficiency
  • Absence of halted or reversed operations

For MetaMask devotees, entering this realm is effortless. Linking their wallet to any Solana application or directly via, asset exchanges from EVM-chains to Solana now culminate within a mere 30 seconds. Navigating Solana's vibrant ecosystem, home to a spectrum of DeFi and NFT ventures, has been simplified.

Those looking to delve into the Solana universe via MetaMask must prioritize updating their MetaMask extension to the newest version.

The DeFi world eagerly anticipates a Solana-centric campaign, conceived in collaboration with Solfare. This venture aims to amplify awareness and curiosity regarding this novel feature. As an added bonus, early adopters during the campaign's first week can anticipate SOL fee rebates reaching an impressive $15k. Given its enticing first-come-first-serve modality, a surge in Solana ecosystem activity is expected.