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DEA Introduces Impact NFT on PlayMining GameFi Platform for Charitable Donations

DEA announces the launch of 'Impact NFT' on the PlayMining GameFi platform, enabling players of Play-to-Earn games to automatically donate a portion of their crypto earnings to charity.

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a Web3 entertainment company, has announced the launch of 'Impact NFT' on the PlayMining GameFi platform. This innovation allows players of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games to automatically donate a portion of their crypto earnings to a predetermined charity or person in need when an Impact NFT is used in the game.

DEA co-founder and co-CEO Kozo Yamada explained the motivation behind Impact NFTs:

"We developed Impact NFTs to make donations more accessible to younger generations. Now, they can help contribute to social impact initiatives just by playing a game!"

The first Impact NFT on the PlayMining NFT marketplace enables players of Lucky Farmer, a farm-themed coin pusher P2E game, to support a banana farm community in the Philippines. Players who purchase and use the Impact NFT in their game will have 20% of their crypto earnings automatically sent to the banana farm's owner.

DEA is actively involved in social good activities and has been featured as a top Web3 innovator solving real-world problems. The company currently hosts five P2E NFT games on the PlayMining GameFi platform, where gamers can earn DEAPcoin ($DEP) tokens through play. DEP can be traded on popular exchanges or spent on PlayMining NFT marketplaces on cards and items that enhance the platform's games.

To support their community in Southeast Asia, DEA has partnered with the region's largest P2E gaming guild, YGG SEA. The partnership will see PlayMining's entire game catalog onboarded to the gaming platform, enabling PlayMining to reach more people in the area.

DEA is also committed to supporting content creators, having paid out over SG $9 million in royalties to both official and fan artists on the PlayMining NFT marketplace.

DEA’s other co-founder and co-CEO Naohito Yoshida emphasized the company's dedication to social impact:

"We believe very strongly in embracing the power of Web3 technology to create opportunities for social impact. PlayMining has a community of over 2.7 million loyal supporters. We are wholly dedicated to not only providing these fans with entertainment but also empowering them in as many ways as we can."