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CUDOS & KYOTO: Green Blockchain’s New Vanguard

CUDO Compute & KYOTO unite for a sustainable tech era. Dive into a partnership that’s changing the green blockchain landscape.

CUDOS and KYOTO: Pioneering a Greener Future in Blockchain

CUDO Compute and KYOTO are blending the boundaries of cloud computing and sustainability. As leaders in their respective domains—CUDO Compute in decentralized cloud computing and KYOTO as a pioneer in carbon-negative blockchain—this partnership promises a seismic shift in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

KYOTO shines as a beacon of innovation in the carbon industry. Its blockchain eradicates typical challenges like double counting and greenwashing. But, more than that, every KYOTO transaction silently roars for Mother Earth. A whopping 25% of every gas fee goes straight into reforestation efforts.

Green, sustainable, and top-tier. Enter CUDO Compute, a maestro of optimizing dormant computing power and turning it into a green force. Together, they're on a mission: Achieve 100% carbon negativity for KYOTO without compromising on commercial allure.

KYOTO's tie-up with CUDO Compute's infrastructure results in enormous savings—imagine slashing costs by half when compared to titans like AWS.

Frank Morey of KYOTO is ebullient, emphasizing the alignment between CUDO’s sustainable vision and KYOTO's aspirations. Gary Negus of CUDO Compute reciprocates this sentiment, lauding the partnership as a beacon for future eco-driven Web3 ventures.

With 336 live nodes on the mainnet, KYOTO, backed by CUDO Compute, is set for an unprecedented growth spurt.

About CUDOS: Envision a decentralized, blockchain-driven network tailor-made for Web3 enthusiasts. That's CUDOS. Beyond just being carbon-neutral, it's shaping up to be the computational layer for all major chains.

About KYOTO: More than a blockchain, KYOTO is a revolution. Every transaction on its network not only costs significantly less than other platforms like Ethereum but also leaves a positive green footprint on the planet.