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Crust Network Secures Multi-Million Dollar Investment to Boost Decentralized Storage Infrastructure

Crust Network, a leader in decentralized storage solutions, has received a substantial investment from DWF Labs, enabling it to expand and improve its infrastructure in the growing blockchain space.

Crust Network.

In a significant development for decentralized storage solutions, Crust Network, a leading decentralized storage network, has secured a multi-million dollar investment from DWF Labs. This investment comes at a crucial time as Crust Network prepares to launch its EVM Storage, a cutting-edge development that will change how decentralized storage operates within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem.

Crust Network is a pioneer in decentralized storage, providing a secure and efficient alternative to conventional cloud storage by distributing data across several nodes within a blockchain network. Their upcoming EVM Storage is a new technological advancement that integrates the Crust mainnet, Polkadot parachains, and EVM contracts, offering a streamlined decentralized storage solution for all EVM-based blockchains.

With the launch of the EVM Storage, Crust Network will make significant progress in the EVM ecosystem, bringing decentralized storage to a wider audience. The investment from DWF Labs will play a crucial role in this expansion, providing the necessary resources to accomplish this ambitious vision.

Crust Network has also become the storage solution for 65 Web3 projects, including Uniswap and AAVE. Additionally, as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem, it serves several projects, further establishing itself as a key player in the decentralized storage space. With the adoption of a new storage contract and the Omnichain mechanism, Crust Network has further enhanced its capabilities, setting new industry standards.