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CoinEasy and Neo Blockchain Unite to Ignite Innovation at Neo APAC Hackathon

Get ready for a crypto-powered adventure as CoinEasy and Neo Blockchain join forces, sparking a revolution at the Neo APAC Hackathon. Dive into a dynamic partnership that's about to reshape the blockchain universe across the Asia-Pacific region.

CoinEasy & Neo: Fuelling Neo APAC Hackathon Innovation

Hold onto your hats, crypto enthusiasts, because a groundbreaking alliance is shaking up the scene! CoinEasy and Neo Blockchain are teaming up to set the Neo APAC Hackathon ablaze, sending shockwaves of innovation through the Asia-Pacific skies.

Imagine a fusion of education, community spirit, and global accessibility coming together to fuel the Neo APAC Hackathon. It's more than just an event – it's a collaboration that promises to turn the blockchain universe on its head. From insights to tools and beyond, CoinEasy's commitment to the crypto world is like a rocket launch of possibilities.

In a tweet that lit up the digital sphere, CoinEasy announced the news: "We're thrilled to partner with Neo Blockchain, the trailblazing Open Network for the Smart Economy. Get ready for an exhilarating journey across six vibrant APAC cities!" This isn't just a partnership; it's a pact to redefine the blockchain game.

Hold onto your seats, because the Neo APAC Hackathon is gearing up to be an explosion of creativity and genius. With a jaw-dropping $1.1 million prize pool, this event isn't just for the tech-savvy elite – it's for the dreamers, the creators, and the boundary-pushers. Neo's prowess in the blockchain world is well-known, and this partnership with CoinEasy is like adding fuel to an already blazing fire.

But that's not all – the Neo APAC Hackathon is making its grand entrance at the prestigious Korea Blockchain Week. A whopping $120,000 awaits the winners, and the Neo Foundation is generously chipping in with a $1 million grant fund, specifically earmarked to supercharge blockchain growth in the APAC region.

Get ready to join a global gathering of visionaries, developers, and enthusiasts at the Neo APAC Hackathon. From virtual sessions to electrifying offline events in six major APAC cities, this is the chance to dive into the heart of blockchain innovation. Neo N3 and EVM categories ensure that everyone, from seasoned pros to eager beginners, has a shot at glory.

CoinEasy and Neo Blockchain are like the dynamic duo of the crypto world, and their collaboration is about to reshape the blockchain landscape as we know it. The Neo APAC Hackathon isn't just an event – it's a movement, an explosion of ideas, and a launchpad for the future of blockchain technology. Brace yourselves – the revolution is coming!