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Coinbase's Layer-2 Blockchain Base Set for Public Launch Next Week

Coinbase’s blockchain Base is launching to the public on August 9. The platform has been in the test phase since February and will partner with major brands to engage users.

Coinbase's Blockchain Base Gears Up for Public Launch

Coinbase's layer-2 blockchain, Base, is set to launch its mainnet to the public on August 9, marking a significant development in the platform's evolution. The launch comes as part of its "Onchain Summer" initiative, according to Jesse Pollak, lead for Base and head of protocols at Coinbase.

The blockchain has been under testing since February and transitioned to a "builder only phase" in mid-July, enabling developers to interact with the platform. Now, Base feels it has reached the necessary milestone to open up for everyone, allowing users to mint NFTs and get a sense of the platform's capabilities.

Simultaneously, Base will launch the Onchain Summer initiative, aiming to reshape the perception of crypto as a fun and engaging experience. The program will involve collaborations with over 50 brands, platforms, marketplaces, creators, and major consumer brands like Coca-Cola and Atari.

In recent months, developers have been actively deploying smart contracts on the chain, exploring various use cases ranging from media, music, food, games to payments, stablecoins, and messaging. The Base network has already facilitated over $68 million worth of ether and generated over $200 million in trading volume and transactions, largely influenced by memecoins like BALD, traded through LeetSwap, a decentralized exchange built on Base's chain.

Despite the unpredicted surge and subsequent plummet of BALD, Pollak emphasized the platform's focus on builders and the beauty of an open, permissionless ecosystem in crypto that allows people to build various things. He noted the rapid growth of onchain activity.

To further support their mission to "transform the internet," Base is partnering with Prop House to offer grants worth over 100 ether (approximately $185,000) to builders working on the platform over the summer, eagerly anticipating other applications to emerge alongside the organic activity already taking place on the network.