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ChromaWay Acquires BLK DNM: A Groundbreaking Blockchain Integration in Fashion

ChromaWay acquires BLK DNM, paving the way for a revolutionary integration of blockchain technology into the fashion industry and fostering responsible industry behaviors.

Stockholm-based blockchain technology company, ChromaWay, has announced its acquisition of Swedish-American fashion brand, BLK DNM. This milestone aligns with BLK DNM's recent transformation into a modern, community-driven fashion house, and sets the stage for a groundbreaking use of blockchain technology in the fashion industry.

ChromaWay will incorporate its blockchain capabilities into BLK DNM's strategy and products, pioneering the concept of 'connected fashion' and inspiring responsible behaviors in the industry. BLK DNM will soon announce the first batch of technological innovations, underpinned by ChromaWay’s ‘Chromia’ relational blockchain, as part of its Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

"BLK DNM is a brand with an ethical mission and decentralization at its core – it’s already a borderless community. It was a natural fit for our aspirations to revolutionize the fashion industry through innovation," says Henrik Hjelte, CEO and Co-founder of ChromaWay.

Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM, emphasizes the need for the fashion industry to embrace innovation, given the environmental impact of fast fashion and the changing concept of community in an increasingly digital world. He believes the merger with ChromaWay will showcase the untapped potential of blockchain technology in creating substantial change in the fashion industry.

ChromaWay, founded in 2014, has been an industry leader in blockchain technology, focusing on creating and deploying scalable blockchain solutions for businesses and governments. Its primary product, relational blockchain Chromia, allows developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with an unprecedented level of scalability and flexibility.

BLK DNM, known for its timeless tailoring, high-quality leather, and denim, encourages customers to appreciate and treasure each item for decades, emphasizing enduring craftsmanship and aesthetic timelessness.