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Chiliz Labs and Crypto Blockchain Industries Announce Partnership to Revolutionize Football Engagement in Metaverse

Chiliz Labs teams up with CBI for an exciting venture that blends blockchain with virtual worlds. This partnership aims to redefine fan engagement in the world of football via the AlphaVerse.

Chiliz Labs Partners with CBI for Football at AlphaVerse (FAV)

Chiliz Labs, a blockchain provider specializing in the sports sector, announced a strategic partnership with French tech company Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) to integrate the Chiliz Chain into Football at AlphaVerse (FAV).

What is Football at AlphaVerse (FAV)?

FAV is an interactive 3D platform developed by CBI under licenses from football clubs like Real Betis, São Paulo FC, and Norwich City FC. This immersive virtual world, dedicated to football fans, allows users to engage in activities ranging from mini-games to earning real-life rewards.

The Role of Chiliz Chain and $FAV Tokens

Fans will use the $FAV utility tokens from the Chiliz Chain within the FAV universe. These tokens will not only facilitate transactions but will also be paired with existing Fan Tokens on the Chiliz Chain. The total supply comprises 11 billion units, set to be gradually released to users. & Fan Tokens

The partnership will also extend new utilities to Fan Token holders on, Chiliz's engagement and rewards app. Users can participate in the FAV universe, where they can compete and access exclusive benefits, such as digital merchandise and special prizes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Long-Term Vision: Both companies share a common goal of redefining fan engagement in football through blockchain technology.
  2. Interactivity & Rewards: The FAV platform aims to offer a holistic football experience. It will feature mini-games, NFT collections, and even real-world benefits like tickets and exclusive events.
  3. Fan Token Integration: The partnership aims to create additional utilities for existing Fan Tokens within the Chiliz Chain.
  4. Global Reach: The ecosystem already includes major global sports brands like FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City, boasting over 2 million wallets.


The partnership between Chiliz Labs and CBI marks a significant stride in the direction of fan-centric virtual worlds. By leveraging blockchain technology, the collaboration aims to create a seamless and enriched experience for sports enthusiasts across the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates as this innovative partnership takes shape.