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Cardano’s Eternl Light Wallet Set for Major Update: What to Expect

Eternl, Cardano’s versatile light wallet, is gearing up for a major update, including new features and enhancements. Meanwhile, Emurgo has delayed the launch of the USDA stablecoin.

Major Update on Horizon for Cardano’s Eternl Light Wallet

Eternl, Cardano’s versatile light wallet available as a browser extension and on mobile platforms, is all set for a major update. The development team recently tweeted about their readiness to launch Eternl v1.11.0, a substantial overhaul of the wallet's core mechanisms, including a series of new features and enhancements:

  1. Lower memory consumption.
  2. Enhanced synchronization speed.
  3. A more compact database.

This update is a stepping stone towards the forthcoming Eternl v2, smartly merging the innovative v2 core with the existing user interface. It offers users an early glimpse of the new data handling structures. Post this release, Eternl plans to make a complete transition to Eternl v2. Notably, the v1.10.0 version was rolled out in December 2022, introducing in-wallet token swapping, enabling users to trade Cardano’s native tokens directly via Eternl. A local storage solution for mini token icons was also incorporated in this release.

Meanwhile, Emurgo, a core commercial arm and foundational entity of the Cardano blockchain, last year announced plans to introduce USDA, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar value, in collaboration with a licensed US-based financial institution. The early phases of 2023 were marked as the potential launch period for this stablecoin.

However, recent revelations show that Emurgo, despite being technically ready, has had to postpone the launch of the USDA due to regulatory challenges. Stakeholder feedback and various Cardano dApps played a key role in this decision. Owing to ongoing regulatory uncertainties, the introduction of both Anzens and the USDA stablecoin has been postponed.