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Cardano Sees 49% Surge in Q2 Transactions Due to Network Enhancements and User Growth

Cardano blockchain saw a 49% uptick in transactions in Q2, propelled by network enhancements and rising developer interest. Key upgrades position Cardano for future growth.

Cardano Q2 Activity: Upgrades Drive 49% Transaction Boost

Cardano, a leading blockchain platform, recorded a notable 49% increase in transactions during the second quarter of 2023, underpinned by significant technical advancements and a surge in developer enthusiasm.

Key Highlights:

  1. Blockchain Load Metrics: The amount of data contained in blocks, termed as 'blockchain load', ascended to 50% in Q2 from under 40% in Q1. An impressive peak of 81% was reached in May.
  2. Dapps & Decentralized Exchanges: While Minswap, a decentralized exchange, exhibited the most substantial absolute growth, several new dapps played a pivotal role in this quarterly rise, as highlighted by Messari.
  3. Address Activity & User Behavior: The report revealed a 4% dip in active daily users. However, the ratio of transactions to active addresses indicated that existing users are engaging more, with the Transaction/Active Address ratio reaching 1.19 in Q2 – a 6.1% QoQ and 13.2% YoY growth.
  4. Staking on Cardano: Data from DefiLlama reveals that tokens worth $175 million are staked on Cardano, marking the zenith for 2023. This is, however, half of the $340 million all-time peak recorded in May 2022.
  5. Strategic Upgrades: Since the commencement of this year, Cardano has rolled out pivotal upgrades. One such upgrade in June focused on minimizing "epoch" transitions, aiming for a smoother experience for users. Furthermore, a March feature on Milkomeda facilitated Cardano users to access EVM smart contracts using any ADA wallet. This has further augmented Cardano’s value proposition, enabling Ethereum developers to build on Cardano without undergoing a steep learning curve.


The Q2 developments signify a promising trajectory for Cardano, with its commitment to fostering an enhanced user experience, expanding its ecosystem, and promoting ADA token utility.