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Canto Set to Transition to a ZK-Enhanced Layer 2 on Ethereum

Layer 1 blockchain Canto announces its transition to become an Ethereum Layer 2, joining a rising trend. The move capitalizes on Polygon's ZK-empowered toolkit.

Canto's Evolution: Embarking on Ethereum's Layer 2 Landscape

In a strategic move showcasing the dynamic world of blockchain, Canto, a prominent Layer 1 blockchain, announces its migration to Ethereum. This isn't just a straightforward transition; Canto is evolving to become an Ethereum Layer 2 powered by zero-knowledge proofs.

Facilitating this major leap, Canto is joining forces with Ethereum's renowned scaling developer, Polygon. Leveraging the potent Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), Canto's renewed design will emphasize tangible real-world assets.

Canto's statement reveals their conviction: "After evaluating multiple pathways, the exceptional capabilities of Polygon's CDK emerged as the indisputable choice. It empowers Canto to present a ZK L2, upholding the community's cherished principles of open sovereignty, unyielding security, and fluid liquidity." The beauty of the Polygon CDK lies in its open-source nature, tailored for constructing ZK-driven Ethereum Layer 2s.

Looking back, Canto's journey began in 2022 as a versatile Layer 1 blockchain, sporting compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The allure of Ethereum is undeniable. Canto is not alone in its migration; several Layer 1 blockchains are gravitating towards Ethereum. Celo's developers, in July, divulged their plans to metamorphose their Layer 1 into an Ethereum-based Layer 2, leveraging Optimism's formidable OP Stack.

Similarly, Fantom Foundation's architect and co-founder, Andre Cronje, hinted at a potential shift that would effectively position Layer 1 Fantom within Ethereum's Layer 2 infrastructure using optimistic rollups, albeit with reservations on the label.

Adding to this wave, Canto aligns itself with Astar, Immutable, IDEX, and Palm Network, all forming the Polygon-built ZK-centric Layer 2 brigade.

As the blockchain arena evolves, Canto's move epitomizes the continuous quest for efficiency, security, and scalability in the world of decentralized systems.