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BYDFi Partners with Alchemy Pay: A New Horizon in Fiat-Crypto Exchange

BYDFi integrates Alchemy Pay’s on and off-ramps, enabling seamless crypto and fiat currency transactions. This partnership marks a new era in accessible crypto trading.

BYDFi and Alchemy Pay Merge Forces: Streamlining Crypto-Fiat Transitions

BYDFi, an encompassing social trading platform, unveils its latest collaboration with payment juggernaut, Alchemy Pay. This partnership integrates Alchemy Pay's on and off-ramps, allowing users to effortlessly buy cryptocurrencies using fiat money and sell digital assets to obtain fiat currencies. This enhanced feature is slated for launch in the upcoming days.

Alchemy Pay's recent blog post shed light on its extensive reach, revealing compatibility with global giants like MasterCard and Visa across a vast expanse of 173 countries. Touting a suite of renowned mobile wallets and supporting numerous regional transactions, Alchemy Pay takes pride in delivering effective, secure, and cost-effective trading services.

The company's mission is clear - bridging the gap between traditional fiat and the burgeoning crypto realm to boost mainstream adoption. With over 300 payment channels encompassing not just cards but also a plethora of regional mobile wallets, Alchemy Pay has carved a niche in markets like Latin America and Southeast Asia.

A highlight of this integration is Alchemy Pay's Direct-to-Customer solution, designed for seamless cryptocurrency buyouts using local currencies. Through its vast network of remittance collaborators, users can effortlessly transition from cryptocurrency to traditional bank holdings in over 50 fiat denominations, reinforcing the platform's commitment to providing versatile and user-friendly crypto solutions.