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BTC Digital and Zhonglian Digital Technology Forge Strategic Partnership for Blockchain and Digital Mining

BTC Digital partners with Zhonglian Digital Technology to empower each other in digital mining, AI, and Web3 projects. The strategic move aims to boost their competitive stances in the blockchain industry.

BTC Digital Forms Partnership with Zhonglian for Blockchain

BTC Digital, a leading blockchain technology company, has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhonglian Digital Technology (International) Limited. The alliance aims to bolster both parties' standing in the increasingly competitive field of digital mining and blockchain technology.

According to the agreement, BTC Digital and Zhonglian International will collaborate in digital mining, leveraging each other's resources to strengthen their positions in the industry. Beyond mining, the partnership also opens avenues for joint projects in Web3 and AI technologies.

Zhonglian International is a fintech company committed to creating a robust global crypto asset and blockchain ecosystem. Their service offerings include digital mining, crypto asset management, blockchain training, and Web3.0 decentralized financial products and services.

Alan Peng, the CEO of BTC Digital, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: "Both parties expect to use their resources and technologies to explore projects in Web3, AI, and other fields. We aim to seize additional business opportunities and expand our business reach."

BTC Digital is committed to creating value in the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry, focusing its efforts on North America. The company's portfolio includes cryptocurrency mining, mining farm construction, and mining pool and data center operations.

This strategic partnership between BTC Digital and Zhonglian International showcases the growth and diversification within the blockchain and digital mining industries. It marks an essential step towards enhancing both companies' competitive advantages, offering promising prospects for future projects and ventures in Web3, AI, and beyond.

Keep an eye on this partnership as it unfolds—it could very well shape the future landscape of the blockchain industry.